Chatbots Setup

Make it easy for your visitors to stay in touch with you via Messenger, other benefits are Increase opt-in’s, instant connection and helpful navigation for instant access to your resources.


Chatbots: What Are They?

A Chatbot at its most basic form is an automated answering system for your business. A bot is a piece of software created to automate certain tasks, a customer asks a question and gets an immediate response without speaking to a customer service officer.

Chatbots mimic human conversation by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide customer service functions.


Application: How Are They Used?

Currently, Chatbots are used regularly in many business sectors; retail, finance, health, to conduct surveys and many more. Think of the automated text you receive to remind you of an appointment, the little pop up when you first open a webpage that asks you if you would like any help or Apple’s “Siri” and Facebook Messenger App.

Chatbots are digital customer service officers, they provide responses to customer queries in real time, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Historically they have handled only simple auto response tasks, however they are now being used to respond to more complex tasks requiring individual responses based on a set of proforma.

The most important use for our sector is the power they have to create customer engagement and generate business 24/7 on autopilot through messenger applications. For instance, you might send out a call to action on Facebook and whenever any potential clients comment on the message, the Chatbot that we have helped set up for you, will respond to their queries and lay the groundwork for you.

In today’s digital business age, responsiveness matters and Chatbots allow businesses to cut down on staffing whilst INCREASING CUSTOMER RESPONSIVENESS.

Why Use Chatbots: What’s In It For Me?

Email marketing, list building and advertising are old hat now as Chatbots take this to a whole other level!

As a business you want MORE CUSTOMERS and you want to CUT COSTS!

Typically, with an email marketing campaign you might be happy with a 15-25% open rate, Industry leaders struggle to beat this benchmark with email marketing and I hazard a guess you do too.

Enter Chatbots for social media, specifically chat blasts on Facebook Messenger.

70-80% open rates, within the FIRST HOUR!!

Talk about engagement and conversion rates, it works because today’s generation of mobile internet users want ENGAGING and FAMILIAR.

Chatbots are the PERFECT marketing tool for bloggers, business owners and content creators, ensuring your clients receive very responsive guidance so they can find what they need FASTER and become REPEAT CUSTOMERS.

Chatbots can be used for more that just direct customer responses, they can be used for storytelling, managing simple transactions, sending out newsletters or reminders, lead magnets and managing sales.

With over 1.2 billion monthly active Facebook users and 60% of millennials engaging with chatbots already, your business NEEDS to be using Chatbots. Chatbots provide businesses with a conversation channel direct to potential clients, building that relationship is key to conversion on social media as we know.

Average phone usage time now exceeds 5 hours per day, mobile phones have now become the primary target for marketing and outbound marketing via Chatbots is a proactive solution to capture this audience.

Chatbots are very SIMPLE to set up (we use ChatFuel and ManyChat) and reduce the overheads as, once set up, they do not require staffing inputs.


What Can We Do For You?

Ok, so you know you NEED Chatbots implemented into your business but you don’t know HOW.

We are experts at incorporating Chatbots as part of your overall customer service strategy, whether you are a large company or a little start-up with limited funds.

We offer exceptional training packages that are TAILORED to your individual needs and budget, typically within A FEW DAYS we can have your business set up and USING Chatbots.

The setup fees range from $250-$500 and we can implement with or without training sessions for your team.

Want to get chatty?? Contact us TODAY and take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!


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